12 month travel wish list

I’m all for lists, notes, visualisation and generally putting things out there to the universe. If you don’t make yourself accountable, if only by putting your intentions to paper, it’s really hard to stay on target and work towards your goals. Also, it’s hard to acknowledge when new opportunities line up with your goals and to recognise which ones may directly contradict what it is you want to do!

Towards the end of the year I wrote a post about the places I’d like to go during 2015. Then I promptly forgot about it, never to refer to it again. Guess what? Today I looked at my goals post and do you know how many of the travel destinations I ticked off so far? None! That’s not to say that we haven’t been anywhere since I wrote the post, in fact I went to Lisbon and I took my daughter to Denmark, but neither place was on my wishlist.

Had I looked at the list, I probably could have found amazing deals to places on it and visited there instead. So there’s another lesson. It’s not good enough to simply put your intentions down on paper or tell someone about it, you need to be sure to check yourself. Once in a while, maybe once a month, refer to your goals and see if your current actions are aligning to them. If they are, bravo! Pat yourself on the back and keep on going, but if they’re not, it’s time to rethink your current modus operandi.

I still want to do the items on my original wish list for the year, but seeing as we are now well into Spring and I’ve yet to align myself to them, I’ve decided to give myself a break and set goals for 12 months from now. So here’s my 12 month bucket list of places I’ll try to visit. If other opportunities come up allowing me to visit destinations not on the list, I’ll most probably snap them up! Because I LOVE exploring and travelling to new places, I’d be mad not to, however, whenever I’m actively planning, I hope to stick to the destinations and experiences on this list.

travel goals

Take Princess to Paris

Stay in a villa in the Mediterranean with my friends/ family

Take a weekend break somewhere I haven’t visited yet in the UK

Go glamping / stay on a farm

Take a weekend break in London and explore my city through the eyes of a tourist

Visit my friends in Indonesia!

Stay in Air BnB accommodation

Visit my Grandparents in Dominica

Spend a weekend in the forest. Anywhere in the world

I’ve transferred my list from the original notepad in which I wrote it and decided to write it here, online so that I am more accountable. Make yourself accountable now and leave your goals for 2015 below as a comment! Let’s all support each other over the next 12 months and share in the celebrations when we’re able to tick things off our list!

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