12 Steps of Tinder dating

You’re used to sticking your nose in the air and sniggering, not so silently at your poor, desperate single friends who have been resorting to Tinder dating in a bid to find their soul mates or at the very least, a quick rendezvous to scratch that itch. Now, newly single those same friends seem less pitiful and more a wealth of knowledge for the uninitiated (you!) on the minefield of dating apps. Still, you wade into the minefield that is Tinder on your own. Because you know better obviously!

The twelve steps of Tinder

1. I’m never going to use Tinder, it’s for desperate people and semi-nymphomaniacs
2. Maybe I’ll just download it
3. Crap. What the hell am I supposed to put in my ‘about me section’?
4. *Googles top Tinder profiles* Ctrl+v and Ctrl+P, aha!
5. Wow, there are soooo many single men in this city
6. Why are there so many single men in the city?
7. Is he really standing next to a baby lion cub? In fact where does one even get a baby lion cub?
8. *swipes right* Just to ask him about the cub, obviously..
9. Oh great, I have 10 matches, I’m hotter than I give myself credit for *nods knowingly*
10. This one wants to swap numbers..
11. Oh look a picture. Of his penis.


With a puppy.

12. Maybe I need to be on Dattch instead. I would so make a sexy, hot bisexual. . .


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    • Hmmm Sonia, it may not be wise to download the app lol! Though if your other half can take a joke, maybe let him know it is purely for research purposes and he can have fun swiping left and right (will make sense once you download!!) alongside you!
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      • Åååååh vilken underbar BRÖLLOPSRESA (hoooneymoooon ) ni haft – LJUVLIGA bilder!!!! Och TACK för vykortet!!!! Fy vad trist med sunkiga loppisar, jag har ocksÃ¥ besökt ställen där man riktigt känner lopporna klia och man vill definitivt inte ha NÃ…GOT därifrÃ¥n! Tur de flesta lopisar är ok….. Finfina fynd oxÃ¥ frÃ¥n prag!!! Trolda – kramar  

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      • Awesome article and she states things perfectly. This isn’t a choice for those of us with Celiac Disease and there are lots of other things that we live with as a result of this autoimmune disease. I’m a new fan!

      • Very good point. Oh, the horror! I can’t even imagine! (And the Thermos set is coming straight from Thermos, so thank the shipping fairies I don’t have to worry about THAT – whew!) Ri, the MSM´s last blog ..

    • Sorry I was excited … Sorry I was excited. Also check out the links to the enhanced photos and video under show more section… Was this answer helpful?

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  1. haha i have literally just peed myself laughing at this , im of to check tinder,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, or dat other one

    • Dat other one is actually great. No pervy pics of hootchies or naff pictures of baby tigers!

  2. So funny chick, hope you find your Prince and manage to avoid more penis pics! Bahah! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

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