4 common misconceptions about travel bloggers

Travel bloggers lead such glamorous lives

I’m sure some travel bloggers do lead glamorous lives, particularly if you’re a professional luxury travel blogger, commissioned by some high-end luxury publication, but to be honest, I’m sure even they spend time in their pajamas with their hair in messy buns, working hard to write 800 words on a less than glamorous topic.

For many bloggers to afford the trips they go on, they must ultimately cut out many of life’s luxuries in order to pay for their flights and experiences. Missing out on parties in order to afford a cold beer when they reach Brazil or keeping clothes purchases to a minimum so they can afford an extra day in a hostel when in Botswana. See, it’s not all luxury!

Travel bloggers get to go on a tonne of free holidays

Just with other genres of bloggers, travel bloggers don’t get as much for free as you may think. Even if you are lucky enough to be offered a free hotel room or excursion, the chances are, the blogger him/herself would be responsible for paying for flights, meals and other expenses out of their own pockets.

So far, my travel has all been funded by me. It’s most likely going to stay that way though it certainly isn’t unheard of for bloggers to be lucky enough to be invited on special press trips, perhaps by tourism agencies.

Travel bloggers are so lucky

I guess this is only a part myth. Travel bloggers are lucky, they are lucky enough to have the opportunity to share their passions with you, an audience. They are lucky enough to see the world from their own unique perspectives and have a strong urge to write about it or photograph it so that others can be inspired or informed by what they see.

But luck isn’t the end of the story. Travel bloggers have to work hard on their content, sometimes spending hours thinking up new angles, interesting articles and let’s not forget, travelling for days, months or even years, which is both lucky and also bloody hard work!

Travel bloggers make a lot of money

Like other niches, there are bloggers in the travel world who do make money from their writing. I have yet to meet a blogger who can pay their mortgage or quit their job based on the income they make from blogging. Well, I’m yet to meet in person!
I have seen some amazing examples online of bloggers who fund their travels through income generated from their travel blog and via writing opportunities brought to them via their blog! How amazing, totally something this kinky haired wanderlust enthusiast would love to do. But alas, although it is possible, I would say the majority of travel bloggers don’t make a lot of money from their blogs. They blog because it’s something they are passionate about or want a digital diary to share with friends and family.

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