Awesome UK Black Bloggers List

Race. Ethnicity. Immigration. Culture.  . . . Hoods.

Yeah I went there.

All contentious issues which divide as often as the bring people together. I shied away from writing about anything that would make me seem too ‘ethnic’ – that would perhaps make non BMEs think I’m only relevant if you’re also black or minority ethnic. It’s like posting about my love for fried buttermilk chicken, plantains or amala would scare people away, so talking about chocolate brownies and roast dinners would be a safer, more vanilla, less contentious path. Let’s face it, I love all of those foods too, I didn’t get to this size on a diet of quinoa and chicken breast after all. But you know what? I’m proud of my heritage, my culture, my ethnicity and my hoods. I’m proud of my diverse family background and my gorgeous brown skin, so why I actively shied away from anything that may make me sound ‘too black’ seems stupid. Do white bloggers think about sounding too white and alienating black/ brown/ Latino readers with their words? I doubt it.

Blogging can be a tough game. For something that should be an enjoyable past time can become all about the stats and a pissing match as to who is furthest up the various blog rankings (and in turn, who gets the most brand collaborations) but that’s not why I’m blogging so if I lose a few views because someone just doesn’t get why I’m spending time visiting Nigeria or wearing a head scarf in my photos there’s really no love lost. Oh and those people deciding not to click because of those reasons should probably expand their horizons and be more open to learning about other cultures anyway! This is me warts and all. A kinky haired, stew loving women with a passion for travel, talking too much and putting my foot in it from time to time.

I pondered about whether a list such as this was needed. Would it prove to be divisive? Should I single out black and brown bloggers in this way, celebrating their writing and photography skills with a list or will they rise to the top of your Bloglovin readers off of their own merit? Maybe.

Ask yourselves this: if I replaced the word black with plus sized, LGBT or tech would you care as much? We seem to be ok with that but race is still an issue for so many and until it becomes just as much the norm to write about it there is work to be done by us all.

Personally, I find it comforting to find people with shared goals or problems, be it another blogger who is into travelling or one who is into styling their natural, afro hair. It’s not always about race, but sometimes it is. Sometimes that’s the shared denominator. If it is, you now have a list of black bloggers based in the UK.


Black and Brown Bloggers who are slaying it in the UK:

Music, Musings, Politics, Commentary

Mel – Her Melness Speaks 

Amaru – Amaru Don TV

Jesse – Marvin’s Corridor

Minna – Ms Afropolitan

Yinka – Yinka Bokinni 

Fashion, Haircare, Beauty

Crystal Afro – United Kinkdom 

Deena – Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too

Natalie – Beauty Pulse London

Ronke – Brown Beauty Talk

Reena- Fashion Daydreams

Vesta – Chocolate N Curves

Dunya – Dearest Deer

Paige – Chicks With Kinks

Pelumi – Care For Your Hair

Travel, Lifestyle

Shobha – NYLON Living

Shobna – Just Go Places

Tinuke – Kinkdred Spirit 

Ronke – Who’s For Dinner?

Babs – Working Girl London 


Charlotte – Berice Baby 

Maria – Tiger Tales

Zaz – Mama and More

Uju – Babes About Town

Troy – Oh Daddy Bee

Charlene – Moderate Mum 

Rachel – Mothering Mushroom

Adele – Circus Queen

Tinuke – Circus Mums

My list of bloggers is in no way conclusive, I’ve included those that I know of and who I feel write and present themselves well. You may have others you’d like to see included, if so do let me know in the comments section. Do you have a favourite out of this list above or are they all new to you?


  1. Tinuke,
    Thank you so much for including me in this list! Seriously!
    What you wrote was so beautifully put too – I 100% agree with you and it frustrates me so much! You are so beautiful inside and out. Can’t wait to check out all these blogs and share!!!
    Charlotte xxx
    Charlotte Braithwaite recently posted…London To Liverpool With Virgin TrainsMy Profile

    • Charlotte, this is quite possibly the lovliest blog comment I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading, thank you.
      I’m glad to have been able to include you on the list and I hope you have fun checking out the others on there. Let me know if there are some I should add on, I’ll do an update in a few weeks maybe xx

  2. At long last, an entire week later. I’m commenting. Good list and many of my favourites are here too. Awesome, pleased to be amongst a list of excellent bloggers

    • Hi Bianca! The great thing about writing this post is I’ve come across loads of new blogs through it. Just checked out your blog and it will totally be on the list come the update! x Tin

  3. Hi Tinuke, Love the list, some of which I didn’t know about. A couple of others to add coming from a different angle of Home & Lifestyle perhaps and Food. My blog is about gardening, growing organic culturally relevant foods, healthy cooking and Caribbean flavours. Following in the tradition of our Caribbean parents. Another great site is ThatGirlCooksHealthy, by Charlene. Fabulous gluten free healthy foods with a Caribbean influence.
    Lorraine recently posted…Sweet Potato Pudding, Flippin’ It Raw StyleMy Profile

      • Neat idea, thanks waseem. Not sure about the cream though. I’d like to think the elephant crammed himself into the glass because he was frightened. But perhaps the cream is the camouflage, and he thinks no one will spot him now.

      • What fascinates me is that number, 4%. That's huge. To reach that number today, a high proportion of earlyer sapiens must have kept an even higher proportion of neanderthal genes for a very long time. "la guerre du feu' from JJ Anauld, initially looking naivelly ireallistic with all its different looking people, seems more and more plausible: At this time, all the tribes in your neighbourhood would look distinct from each other, with all sort of different atavisms in each of them.

  4. Aww thanks for including me Tinuke.. I rather enjoyed reading this. One of the reasons being because I struggle with this issue too. Do I avoid blogging about what makes me who I am due to fear of alienating readers and new opportunities? I’m glad that my content is still bringing readers regardless. Many of those mentioned in this post are my favs to read!
    Joy recently posted…La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar ReviewMy Profile

    • I think your blog and photography are both great. It was a pleasure to include you – you’re one of my Britmums 14 highlights!
      I loved your post on your Nigerian wedding outfit! Very glad you chose to incorporate some of your culture on your blog, I think it will attract MORE people rather than alienate your current readership xxx

  5. I love your blog. I hope one day to be featured on it. One person who I think should be on here is UK Curly girl.

    Check out my new blog please

    • Thanks for your comment, I’m going to head over and look at your new blog and your recommendation also!

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