All about that bass cover 1940s version

This song gives me life. Adding a 1940s twist to it and an upright bass is just the icing on the cake.

Not sure if you have caught the original version by Meghan Trainor yet? It’s worth a watch if you haven’t. It’s full of curvy women of all shapes and hues and a very flexible guy too! It is a song about loving the body you were given, curves and all. That’s a message that I feel is of utmost importance. As a large woman of colour, my body image isn’t mirrored much in the media as it is, so having the confidence to be me, shaved head, curvy figure and all, can feel like a battle cry at times.

Anyways, enough about me! The 1940’s version of All About That Bass is performed by Kate Davis and the Post Modern Jukebox. They are touring Europe at the moment. You can check out their Facebook page for locations. They will be in London on 22 March, though I’m leaning towards one of their earlier shows in Sweden or Denmark!

Kate’s voice is amazing and soulful, a wonderful jazz flair, I’d happily listen to a whole album by her. The same goes for the rest of the musicians in this video.

What do you think? Which version of the song do you prefer?



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