Children’s flights to Europe for as little as £1.99 with Ryanair

So exciting! I booked flights for Copenhagen, departing from London Luton (tip to international travellers- London Luton airport is NOT anywhere close to London!) flying with budget airline, Ryanair and to my surprise, my child’s flight only came up to £1.99! Yup, ONE POUND and NINETY-NINE PENCE! Imagine that, children’s flights to some of the most exciting cities in Europe for less than the cost of a Happy Meal.

In December 2014’s Autumn Statement the UK government announced that they would be scrapping Air Passenger Duty on economy flights out of the UK for children under the age of 12.

  • This policy will commence across airlines from 1 May 2015.
  • It will then be widened to include all children under 16 on 1 March 2016.

Ryanair announced in December of last year that in a bid to save families money when using their airline, the £13 APD would be scrapped for children over the Easter period, rather than afterwards on the first of May. In doing so Ryanair claim it will cost them £2million.

We still had to pay APD on our return flights back into the UK, but the £13 saved on my daughter’s £14.99 outbound flight made her flight cost next to nothing. It’s brilliant being able to take your family out of the country to experience new cultures and Ryanair have won some brownie points by dropping the APD fees early. Copenhagen is an expensive city to visit and every penny counts!

This is worth bearing in mind if you want to travel with your kids over the Easter period. I booked my tickets two days ago and there were still many European destinations with spaces left on their flights! £1.99 to take your child on a cultural excursion, if even for day? Priceless!

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