Dover Castle – English Heritage Site

Dover was an interesting town to visit. In my mind, I’d always pictured it to be a bustling town full of commerce and quite wealthy, seeing as it is a main ferry crossing into France. When we drove through to reach Dover Castle I was surprised by how derelict it looked. Sad, faded shop fronts, abandoned buildings and a blanket of grey floating over the town on what was actually a nice summer’s day.

Dover Castle was anything but derelict. Well maintained buildings including a very modern visitor’s centre greeted us as we drove up the winding road into the castle. The views from the top were beautiful and if you squinted and tilted your head just so, you could see France. The children in our group learnt so much about the history of the building, having the chance to explore the underground tunnels where injured soldiers were hospitalised during the second world war and also watch a medieval sword fight.

I sound middle aged admitting this, but the experience was so positive that it convinced me to walk back to the visitor’s centre on our way out and subscribe to a year’s English Heritage membership. It runs out soon, this video was from last year. Perhaps we’ll drive back down this month or check out another site whilst we have the chance. I’m a National Trust and an English Heritage member, which is why I’m at my local site, Wimpole Hall so often. Hopefully there’ll be more videos talking about the various sites over the summer!

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