Happy Belated New Year

Happy new year! I’m nearly a month late but we all know how January is. Nights that seem so much darker than they did in December, lower than low bank balances after accepting a dozen too many festive season party invites and just generally feeling like the only way to get through the month is to wrap yourself up in a giant knitted duvet (where can I get such a thing?) and hibernate until February hits and the awfulness that is Tax Returns has evaporated for another year.

I was more than a little crap with providing content for Kinkdred Spirit last year. I was disillusioned as to what it as a website should actually cover and changed my focus a good two or three times. The original plan when choosing the name had been to run a blog solely for the purpose of travel but finances and time meant that I didn’t get to do much in the way of travelling last year and I couldn’t think of anything worse than becoming one of those sites that was all talk and no action. You know the ones I’m referring to, where there’s 99 posts about what you could pack and what you could do and then nothing about the actual destinations themselves because the writer hasn’t had a chance to leave their flat all year, let alone do any travelling.

So then slowly but surely I decided to make my corner of the internet a little bit more eclectic and personal. A space to share whatever took my fancy, which helped and took the pressure away from my constant need to figure out a way to travel more. That being said, I still didn’t manage to blog much did I? Ha! Well, I’m hoping this will be the first of many posts to follow! I have a laptop that lasts more than 30mins without being plugged into a mains and that is powerful enough to run Adobe Creative Studio programmes without crashing which is a massive incentive to take take more photos, knowing now that I’ll be able to add them to collections and do some post production easily. There’s plans on the horizon for some photo stories, collections and the likes, so hopefully they’ll come to fruition before the change of the seasons but let’s not beat up on me if they don’t!

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