London at Night

London at night is magical. There’s an electricity in the air, so tangible you can see it bouncing off the pavements and the people. It’s something that no other city can replicate, sure they have their own versions, but there is something so unique to the vibe you get when you walk through London’s West End once the majority of tourists and commuters have vacated the area only to be replaced by late night revellers, workers and hustlers.

I was on my way back from an event in Piccadilly Circus and although I knew missing my train would mean an hour’s wait at an eerily quiet King’s Cross Station, I risked it in order to take a few quick photos and try and capture the electricity on film.

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  1. I love London at night. You can see the same things you see in the day but they look so different and magical. I used to be out and about a lot at night but of course since kids, it’s a rare treat. Must do it more often even with the kids – maybe in the holidays.
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    • Yes things really do look different! I think it would probably be magical for the kids too, hurry the holidays are nearly over! If you take them out for a night time adventure tell me how it goes!

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