Perfect rainy weather outings

Sometimes there’s nothing like a nice walk through the park in the middle of torrential rain with a cold, screaming six year old .

Said no one ever.

A quick dash through the rain to your nearest tube station to meet your friend for cake and tea at Drink Shop Do? Now that’s worth getting splashed by hyped up puddle jumping kids any day!

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After spending the entire day on Saturday indoors, it was nice to head into Kings Cross, London to meet my uni friend and fellow blogger Reena. Princess, my daughter, gets on with her like a house on fire so I got to kill two birds with one stone; I got to catch up on gossip and Princess had a play mate. Oh let’s not forget the cake. There was yummy cake, sour dough bread with dips and litres of tea. So hmmm, more than killing two birds with one stone. It was basically a boulder and an entire flock of birds.
cake at drink shop do
clock drink shop do red rose menu drink shop doDrink Shop Do is located on Caledonian Road, which is round the corner from Kings Cross Station. It’s a brilliant oasis of quiet after the comparably fast-paced, noisy streets surrounding it and is filled with really friendly staff and a delectable array of cakes. The cafe is really child-friendly. You didn’t feel rushed at all. I think we spent a good two and a half hours catching up and colouring in pictures of trainers.

We chose one slice of chocolate oreo, a red velvet and a chocolate with raspberry (I think that’s what it was?).  Everyone loved their choices and although we begrudgingly let each other have a taste, no one was willing to part with their chosen slices, which is a sign of a well made cake, if ever there was need for one.

Reena and Princess tinuke

I love the fact that this place is so easy to get to. You can’t really find a more central location to relax with your friends on a rainy day than a cafe-cum-shop minutes away from Kings Cross. There’s a really warm vibe here in the day time which makes Drink Shop Do an ideal location for a rainy day outing. I think we’ll have to make a thing of it, each time the rain gets in the way of our plans – a trip into town for tea in pretty vintage mis-matched tea sets with a generous side of cake! I mean, where else are you going to drink tea out of a frog?!

vintage tea sets in drink shop do princess eating cake


  1. Oh my that cake looks YUMMM! What a fab outing and great that you got to hang out. Little Man isn’t into sitting still at the moment but when he gets to that stage there will be mucho coffee shop action…. x

    • Yes! The cake was amazing but none of us managed to finish our generous portions! It’s totally a blessing being able to sit still in one place for hours now missy is older. Your two aren’t far behind!

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