Shrek Adventure, London

Shrek Adventure has opened in London and is already attracting masses of tourists along the London South Bank. We became tourists for the day in our native city to take advantage of the DreamWorks walk and ride adventure located ideally on the London South Bank, a handful of steps away from the colossal London Eye as well as the London Aquarium and a host of other tourist attractions.

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The experience is full of enthusiastic actors playing the role of the Shrek favourites, as well as supporting characters to help move the story along. Within seconds of collecting your tickets and taking photos against a green screen, you’re caught up in the enthusiasm of the fellow participants and are transported into the world of Shrek, including a smelly ogre swap and a well decorated Poison Apple pub!

Our favourite part of the day had to be the 4d bus ride and the magic mirror maze. Getting to meet Shrek ‘in person’ was also a fabulous moment to add to our memory banks. Although you’re not permitted to take photos when you’re walking through the experience there are plenty of photo opportunities at the end and as you are taken around in small groups, it isn’t too crowded to wait for your time with your favourite DreamWorks characters.

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Shrek Adventure had some scary moments that even made me jump! For the most part it’s fun and light hearted but you do walk through some dark, atmospheric areas which did reduce some of the smaller children to tears. If you have sensitive children or those perhaps under 5, it might be worth considering if they’d be able to cope!

For tickets and more information, check out the Shrek Adventure website.

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