Summer travel plans

Never one to plan things, it’s only a matter of weeks until I have three days off work and I’ve yet to organise our trip! Eeeek!Most schools break up for their summer holidays in the coming weeks. My daughter’s doesn’t finish until the last week of July but I have friends who have kids breaking up as early as next week. My summer travel plans are yet to be finalised but with two and a half weeks booked off between now and September, I’d better plan fast and be super savvy about our choice of destination as it’s a seriously expensive time of year to book anywhere.


Where are we going?

The Mini Me, who is seven years old this month, is going on her first ever residential summer camp, which she’s equally excited and nervous about. It’s in the south of England and I’ll be working whilst she’s there. The camp is a PGL activity week and I’m pretty jealous I won’t be there too as the kids get to swim, build rafts and take part in many other adrenaline-fueled activities.

The following week I’m hoping to tick off one or two items from the bucket list I wrote about earlier on in the year. Nope, not a trip to Dominica, though I’d give anything for a week on such a beautiful Caribbean island, but perhaps a few days in Paris staying in an Air BnB flat, therefore ticking off two goals in one go!

We’ve moved away from London but it’s still within easy travelling distance so you’ll catch us there and in Cambridge mooching around, exploring cafes and hopefully sharing some of our finds here, on the blog too. If you want to catch us in real time, don’t forget to follow us on instagram and twitter.

If the weather is even half as glorious towards the end of August as it has been in the last couple of weeks, I think a few days glamping, perhaps in Somerset, followed by taking my daughter to Notting Hill Carnival for the first time is the best way to spend our time. She’ll love the food and music, I’ll love having such a fun opportunity to take photos for Kinkdred Spirit. Win – win right?

What have you got planned for this summer? Spending any time in London?



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