This week I had some aha moments

Some people know what they want to do with the rest of their lives from a very early age. I’m not one of those people, or at least I’m one of those people who changes their mind about their chosen career path multiple times before even making it to university. I’ve always been slightly envious of people who just know, but this week I had an aha moment and learnt something really important about myself, something that has set me free. I learnt that it is OK.

It’s OK to change your mind.
It’s OK to have multiple careers in your lifetime.
It’s OK to give something a go and then decide it’s not for you.
It’s OK to have doubts.
Its OK to scrap that five year plan because something more exciting becomes an option.

No, I don’t have plans to leave my job, I like what I do, but it made me look back at my colourful, rather chequered past roles and not see any of them as a waste of time, but simply building blocks in my lifetime to get me to where I am now and where I will be in the future. I’m not sure where that will be, but I won’t be surprised if in five years from now, it’s in a different field completely to what I’m doing now. It’s the way I evolve and that’s totally OK.

I watched a brilliant introductory video on my friend Michelle’s new website in which some brilliant bloggers (and little old me) spoke about what brought them joy. One of the bloggers spoke of living in the now, not thinking about what could be and what you could have but didn’t and it really struck a nerve with me because it’s something I am very guilty of. I spend so much time considering what I want but can’t afford, what dream holidays I’d like to go on blah blah blah, that I forget to be happy about all of the things I do have, and there are loads of things to be happy for. This was another aha moment, very much related to the ‘it’s OK’ ones above.

Her words made me take stock of what amazing opportunities come my way almost daily, of all the people and experiences I should be thankful for. I mean, sure I’d still love to be able to take a family holiday or afford my own car, but I’m going to the theatre tomorrow with my daughter and my mum, my two favourite females in the whole wide world, for free tomorrow on press passes, that’s certainly something to be thankful for. By living in the here and now like Michelle reminded me I’m already a happier person. Watch the video on The Joy Chaser website to find out what the other bloggers, including me, had to say about finding joy. The website is a brilliant source of inspiration.

Have you been a one career person or tried out many different ones? What advice would you give me? Do you have a recipe for finding joy in the every day?

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  1. Isn’t it great and oh so liberating when you have this aha moments! I’m learning that it’s OK to change over time and that there are in fact many different ways to do this thing we call life. Sometimes our path will be the same and overlap with others, other times it will be a lonely road of going against the masses forging our own path, feeling uncertain, but knowing that it right to follow that voice deep inside us. Thanks for sharing your revelations, very encouraging. 🙂

    • Thank you for your eloquent words. You’re so right, there are many many ways to carry out our lives and it’s not just a matter of a right or a wrong way. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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