The ultimate gift list for bloggers

Wondering what epic gift you can buy for the blogger you love? Well have no fear, here are some ultimate gifts sure to excite them and score you some major brownie points!


As the famous saying goes, you can never have too many cameras. Well, that’s how I remember it going anyway. Whilst it certainly is possible to shoot impressive images from most smart phones these days we still can’t help but covet the good old fashioned camera.

From simple point and shoots to DSLRs there are cameras to suit all budgets. You can even get a camera built specifically for social media sharing. I’ve been lusting over a yellow TheQ Camera, a waterproof social media friendly camera built with bloggers and other social media addicts in mind. Like how beautiful is this camera?

The Q Social camera for bloggers and social media addicts

If you’re after a DSLR, there are so many to choose from. I use a Canon 650d and a Canon 700d. There’s very little between the two and in fact, only have the latter because I won it! They are both extremely easy to use, are brilliant, lightweight and relatively cheap entrance cameras into the world of DSLRs. My Canon 650d was a gift and it’s probably the best gift I’ve EVER received!

Camera accessories

The blogger in your life already has their dream camera? No problem! There’s a never ending list of camera accessories for bloggers. From a comfortable, handmade camera strap, to a new lens, there’s a never ending list of great add ons. Peronsalising your photography kit or store your kit in is such an amazing rush. How about a hand made camera strap from Etsy seller iMo Shop?

Other camera accessories bloggers could appreciate include:

  • Camera bag
  • Lens filters
  • Pop up photo box
  • Lightweight tripod
  • Gorilla pod
  • Camera cross body belt
  • Wifi memory card
  • External flash


Blog conference tickets

Regardless of if  they are newbie bloggers or seasoned vets, blogging conferences provide a wealth of learning and networking opportunities. Wherever you are in the world, you’re likely to find a blogging conference near you. Some bloggers are lucky enough to be sponsored to attend conferences but for many, it’s an expense which is more of a luxury than a given. Treating a blogger to a conference ticket should earn you some serious brownie points or perhaps a special snog under the mistletoe…

If you’re in the UK here are a few blogging conferences you can buy tickets for:


Magazine subscription

Oh Comely magazine screenprint
Whether it’s a subscription to Blogosphere , the blogger’s magazine created by bloggers for bloggers, or a magazine aimed at creatives, full of inspiration and gorgeous imagery, such as Oh Comely, there are so many amazing magazines that will please the bloggers in your life.


Epic blog

Part of me doesn’t even want to share this with you as it feels like I’m giving away a best kept secret, but I will anyway. Epic Blog is a brilliant editorial planner that can really help bloggers focus on the direction they wish to take their blogs. It’s a brilliant gift for any time of the year as the planner doesn’t have a predefined start or end date. You can buy the books via Amazon and it’s a fantastic planning and creativity tool no matter what genre of blogger it’s for.

Coffee Machine

Bloggers are passionate, creative people, sometimes working very odd hours in order to fit in their work around their day jobs. Full time, professional bloggers also work long hours to create the ace content that has allowed them to turn their passions into their pay cheques. Reward them with good quality caffeine on tap!

De’Longhi ICM152 Filter Coffee Maker John Lewis



Stationery. ANY stationery. Like seriously, as much as we bloggers love our tech, there are never too many notepads, pens, or washi tape rolls in our lives. You can even get a gift that keeps on giving if you fork out on a stationery subscription box. YES they are real! I’m excited just thinking about it, receiving stationery AND getting post (that isn’t a bill), like could life get any better? I particularly like the Happy Paper Club from Green Gables and at only £10 per month is a bargain!

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