Wanderlust: 2015 travel goals

I had thought to name my blog something with ‘wanderlust’ in the title because I have a constant urge to travel. To explore new places and new cultures. I’ve been lucky enough to visit a handful of wonderful places in the last 30 years but there are so many others I’d like to try which is why I thought that writing down my 2015 travel goals would help me turn my wishful thinking into reality.

The best way to make sure you achieve a goal is to actually set them in the first place. It’s all well and good me saying I’d love to travel more, but if I don’t actually list where those places are and put some sort of plan in place, it’s unlikely I’ll go anywhere much. Between having to fit things around work, school term times and my pitifully small disposable income the odds are against me ticking off all the countries around the globe. So I’m breaking things down into manageable chunks.

My 2015 travel goals

Take Princess to Paris

Stay in a villa in the Mediterranean with my friends/ family

Take a weekend break somewhere I haven’t visited yet in the UK

Go glamping / stay on a farm

Take a weekend break in London and explore my city through the eyes of a tourist

Visit my friends in Indonesia!

Short, sweet and hopefully achievable. In 2014 we managed a trip to Cornwall, Folkestone and Lisbon without putting much forward planning into it, so this year I hope that with setting some goals we’ll be able to tick off everything on the list and perhaps do a lot more too!

What are your travel goals for 2015?

Where did you visit in 2014?


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