Zestrip, letting you do Italy like a local

I don’t really go on holidays. In fact, I can count all of my holidays on one hand. I do, however, travel. I go on adventures. I explore and let myself become engulfed by surroundings, trying as hard as possible to feel the city I’m visiting, as much as an insider as I can within a short time frame. Personally, I think holidays are great. We know I’m not adverse to staying in the kind of luxury hotels that makes my own,  home look like a squat, taking trips to see tourist attractions and getting that all important selfie of you in front of a massive bowl of pasta, just so everyone following your social media accounts know you’re really in Italy, it’s all part of the holiday experience right?

Mmm, I guess so, but once you’re back home and the tan has started to fade, the memories won’t be far behind. Travelling is stepping off the beaten path and creating your own adventures. I understand that can put people way outside of their comfort zones, particularly if you’re travelling alone or with the responsibility of kids to think about. But I came across Zestrip and I think they’ve taken all the fear out of leaping into the unknown with their ingenious start up.

zestrip explore underground italy

Zestrip is the brainchild of  Andrea, Carlo and Michele, three millennials, not yet 30, all of whom have a passion for travel and tech. Online since February 2015,  Zestrip in a novel online service which allows you to buy travel experiences led by verified locals throughout Italy. It’s like Airbnb for travel excursions and I’m sure it’s soon going to be available on just as international a scale as the popular accommodation site.

What I like about Zest trip and the reason why I felt the need to share my find with you is the fact it allows you to experience Italy authentically,  just like a local. You can buy anything from a tour of the neighbourhood’s best restaurants to a night time hike of Lake Como with a local. How better to experience a country than to do it with someone who has lived and breathed the area?zestrip close up

Hosts are fully verified, with a profile you can check out before you book. The events take part throughout the country and suit a variety of budgets. For instance, I was drawn to the underground tours of Milan, wich the profile said was child friendly and at only 12 Euros per person, would make a brilliant weather proof afternoon excursion with my daughter.

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out the  Zestrip.it website and perhaps the next time you’re planning a holiday to Italy, you’ll zestrip it into a memory-making adventure.


  1. Great find – this sounds like a fab service and one I will definitely be looking in to. I am very much like you – I like to experience the places I visit and wander and discover as much as I can. While I love a laying by the pool holiday, I haven’t been on one in years simply because every time we plan a holiday we want to discover more of the world rather than lie by the pool. When we visited Tokyo a few years ago, there were similar services offered by locals and we went on some which were great. But these locals were really hard to find and so to have a site listing them all is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.
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    • I wonder if zestrip will soon become global? It would be great to be able to select a country and use the service in places like Tokyo too wouldn’t it!?

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